UC Davis Chancellor Gary May, PhD, center, among the Journal presenters at the 2017 scientific proceeding of Innovation&Equity.

Mary Spio doing it again

Her NextGalaxyMedia (OTCBB:NXGA) is the big player in virtual reality with its Ceekars audio headset. At age 26, she was co-patent holder for the digital satellite communications now standard in the motion picture industry for distributing movies. The Syracuse and Georgia Tech alum has Orange coach Jim Boeheim as an endorser.

Ceek is the first virtual reality entertainment and education hub. "With our technology and content, we are stepping in and filling the gaps in the consumer Virtual Reality experience," said Spio.

NextGalaxy features Randi Zuckerberg as a key speaker at its Business and Innovation Growth (BIG) Summit in Miami Beach on Jan. 20.