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The smell of war isn't just a game for Sensory Acumen

Orinda, CA-based Sensory Acumen's three co-founders thought that increasingly immersive games would be enhanced by adding smells.   They discovered that real-life situations have been an even more  immediate market.

Charlene Childers-Coleman, Sensory Acumen CEO, Carl Childers and Michael Coleman, created the Game Skunk to produce all the scents which would support a gaming experience. When we first met them at the Game Developers Conference in 2010, they stood out as the only black-owned company with a booth on the display floor.   Since then, they've continued to win plaudits for their technical expertise and execution while finding an unexpected market.

The Veterans Affairs Dept. and Defense Dept. are dealing with thousands of post-traumatic stress injuries from the two Gulf Wars.  Sensory Acumen's products have been effective in helping to recreate traumatic situations for therapies which address the root trauma--a level of realism not achievable just by standard treatment regimens.

In addition to the Game Skunk, which emits the smells, they have created programming language APIs and SDKs which allow game developers and other programmers to incorporate Sensory Acumen's technology into their offerings.

Our 2016 theme Research into Industry for the Innovation&Equity16: 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology aptly describes what Sensory Acumen is bringing to the fore -- solutions through applied science.    They are among our Roy Clay Sr. Technology Pinnacle Award recipients.